Anastasia. Tote Bag with laptop pocket Free!!!

Hola amigos, todavia estoy trabajando en la version en español de Anastasia , mientras tanto aquí les dejo la version en inglés.

Anastasia Tote bag is the first serious pattern with instructions that I’ve made. Oh boy, it’s a lot of work!

I designed this bag thinking on my own needs, a fashionable and strong bag with plenty pockets and compartments that allows me to be organised and carry all my stuff to work everyday. I’ve been using this bag for few months now and I just love it!

I shrug the file as much as I could without distortions on the pictures. I hope you enjoy making her as much as I did.

Download Anastasia pattern here  Anastasia EnglishM

I‘m so busy right now with lots of cool projects. I’m  writing  Anastasia Tote Bag pattern in Spanish for my latino community, Im also busy with a tutorial about super useful projects you must have in your car; spoiler alert 📢 a tissue holder, fabric trash bin, sunglasses pouch and  first aid bag. I also jump on the train of making a new version of the Every Day Tote pattern , updated  by Bagstock Designs, this one is almost finish. I started a collection of travel bags for my incoming trip to Toledo next month, yes I’m going to Toledo, Spain , for a weeding and I’m so excited!!… and in between bag making projects I go to the hospital to  save lives 😉 , perhaps the other way around hahaha


Bolsa de señora / Drawstring Bag

Hoy he terminado esta moderna bolsa de señora en piel artificial . El patrón original recomienda tela de algodón pero se me ocurrió que con un poco de imaginación podría hacer un bolso de estilo clásico pero un toque moderno y caro. El bolsillo exterior con cierre de zipper es un detalle necesario para acceso rápido al móvil, la billetera o las llaves. A quién no le ha pasado que suena el móvil dentro del bolso y pierdes la llamada porque no lo llegas a encontrar a tiempo?. Bueno pues con este simple detalle ya está resulto el problema. También le he agregado un prendedor dorado al deslizador del cordón de cierre, que además de darle un detalle muy femenino le proporciona mas estabilidad.

Este tipo de bolsos se puede completar en una tarde de domingo. Eso si necesitaras las herramientas necesarias para los ojetes y los remaches. Pero no te agobies es bien fácil y te lo puedo explicar paso a paso en próximos tutorials.

He estado pensando en un próximo proyecto fácil para mis amigas principiantes , que les parece el estuche de los cosméticos ?

Pues sígueme y ya te enteras



Today I finished this modern drawstring bag in artificial leather. The original pattern recommended cotton fabric but it occurred to me that with a little imagination I could make a classic style bag but a modern and expensive touch. The outer pocket with zipper closure is a necessary detail for quick access to the cellphone, wallet or car keys. Who has not missed a phone call while digging on your bag ? Well, with this simple detail, this is not a problem anymore. I have also added a golden pin to the slider, which in addition to adding a very feminine detail provides more stability to it.

This type of bag can be done on a Sunday afternoon. However you will need the necessary tools for eyelets and rivets insertion. But do not get overwhelmed it is very easy and I can show it to you in a step by step tutorial.

I’ve been thinking about an easy  project for my next blog post. what do you think of the cosmetics pouch?

Just follow me and you will find out soon

Chaoo ..