Easy DIY Vintage Small Purse Pattern and Instructions

Hi, Today I bring you a super easy project that you can complete in a couple of hours. All you need is a 6 «X 2» metal frame that you can find in any local craft store and some fabric scraps, left over from another project. You can choose to made it totally vintage, by adding lace decorations , you can also feature your favorite embroidery design or just your favourite novelty fabric.

For my project I used Alexander Henry «Las elegantes». In South Africa you can get clasp frames like this online quiltersbasket.co.za 

Just a warning, making clasp purses can become highly addictive, trust me..


1 fat quarter of quilting cotton for feature exterior fabric

1 Fat quarter for lining fabric

1/2m medium weight woven interfacing

20” X 7” fusible fleece (medium-loft)

Matching polyester thread


  1. Download the pattern here Coin Purse 6X2
  2. Print the pattern in Adobe Acrobat Reader . Do not scale, must be at 100%.
  3. Before cutting measure the test square, must be 1″ X 1″.
  4. Using the pattern as template cut 2 Exterior fabric, cut 2 lining fabric.
  5. Cut the pattern at the dashed line. Then cut 4 interfacing and 2 fusible fleece. This will avoid bulk seams.


6. Fuse the iron-on interfacing to the wrong side of the 2 exterior and lining pieces. Fuse the fleece to the exterior pieces. Transfer the small lines on the sides from the pattern to each piece. This lines mark the bottom of hinge.

7. Bring the 2 outer pieces wrong sides together and pin.


IMG_10918. Sew the sides of the exterior and also the lining pieces starting at the small marks. Sew the bottom sides of the exterior pieces together. Repeat on the lining pieces as well but leave 3″ opening for turning at the end.






9. Open the seams and press it flat.


10. Now pinch the corners, matching the bottom and side seams carefully and sew boxing the corners.





11. Repeat the «Boxing the corners» step on the purse lining also.

12. Turn the exterior purse wrong side out and introduce the lining purse right side out inside as shown on the picture below. Pin at the top edge. side seams must meet together.

13. Edge stitch all around the top.

14. Turn the purse right side out through the opening you left on the lining. Give it a good press.


15. Close shut the opening at the bottom of the lining piece and top stitch all around the top .

16. Make a mark on the top center of your frame with a piece of tape. mark also the middle of both sides of purse top edge. Introduce the borders on the frame and start hand- stitching the purse to the frame from the middle towards the sides borders.


ta da.. your beautiful purse is finish..IMG_1097

and to inspire you even more here I will leave you with some of my creations.


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